Two childcare workers arrested after treatment of 5-year-old caught on video

Two employees of the Worthington Learning Center are facing charges of endangering children for reportedly doing nothing to stop the physical bullying of a 5-year-old girl by older students.

Emma Dietrich, who is described as a teacher in court documents, and Joshua Tennant were charged September 10 after an investigation of an incident caught on video in August. Police say the two employees f the north Columbus daycare and learning center could be seen sitting at a table in the classroom while older students physically bullied the little girl. The other students were seen grabbing, pulling, and dragging the little girl while she tried to cover herself and attempted to curl up into the fetal position, police said. At one point, when the little girl tried to get away, the other students grabbed her and held her down.

The entire time the 5-year-old was being bullied, the two teachers in the room just sat and watched, police say.

At one point in the video, investigators say Tennant was seen picking up the little girl by her right ankle, eventually grabbing her left leg, and carrying her upside down to place her back on the rug with other students.

Columbus officers say the Worthington Learning Center has been cooperating with police during the investigation.

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