‘We want him out’: Controversy brews after video shows Norco preschoolers chanting against Biden

A President’s Day lesson turned controversial when a Norco parent saw video of her daughter among students chanting “we want him out” after her teacher asked the class who the president is and “what do we want to do with him?”

Video of the 4 and 5 year olds chanting the political statement about Joe Biden was posted on an internal app for parents of students at Turning Point Christian School, and that’s how Christina McFadden saw it.

She said she watched the video several times in horror.

“The teacher is indoctrinating her students,” McFadden told KTLA. “Everybody has a right to believe in what they want and my daughter wasn’t given that opportunity. And especially at that age, I don’t even think that she can comprehend to make an informed decision on who and what she should believe in.”

McFadden contacted the school immediately. Officials took down the video, offered an apology and informed parents that it did not share the school’s “philosophy of honoring and respecting authority, including those in government positions.”

McFadden was told the teacher was spoken to, the lesson was reviewed and that officials were “OK with it.”

While her daughter thought it was funny, McFadden said she still doesn’t know what the lesson was about, even though she has asked.

McFadden’s daughter has since switched schools. She hopes that this incident serves as a lesson to parents to be informed.

“At this point it’s not about the school, it’s about informing parents that this is happening,” she said.

A school administrator told KTLA on Monday that officials were not going to release a statement and have no comment.