Teacher connects with students through goodie bags

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — Joy Rees teaches kindergarten at Sams Valley Elementary and wanted to do something special for her students.

Using Easter Bunny-like skills, she put together gift bags and dropped them off at each student’s house. It was something she really wanted to do since she hasn’t been able to be with her students since school closed nearly two weeks ago.

“Especially in Kindergarten, it’s all about the relationships you have with the kids. So, I wanted to try to find something different and unique, a way to let the kids know I was thinking about them and that I’m still here for them and will still be here for them after this,” Rees said.

District 6 School District has made an extra effort to deliver food and supplies recently.
Sams Valley begins its online virtual classrooms on Wednesday, April 1.

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