Elmhurst mayor uses emergency powers to allow temporary daycare center for hospital employees

Elmhurst Mayor Steve Morley, using emergency powers the city council granted to handle issues arising from the coronavirus, issued executive orders Monday to help healthcare workers with childcare and to make life easier for residents and businesses.

Morley’s order cleared the way for Elmhurst Hospital to establish a temporary child daycare facility for its employees, who are on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. The order suspends requirements for a business license and other city requirements to allow the hospital to operate a daycare only for the use of its employees.

In taking the action, Morley declared a civil emergency, as the city council authorized him to do during a March 17 special meeting.

Morley’s order will allow the hospital to set up a daycare center in one of the now-inactive public school buildings. City spokesperson Kassondra Scherf said no plans or sites have yet been established.

For residents, Morley’s order eliminates city late fees. No city services will be suspended while the order is in place. Payment and display of vehicle stickers, normally due by May 1, are postponed to June 1.

The order also allows Elmhurst restaurants and liquor businesses to sell originally packaged beer, wine, and liquor for off-premises consumption. Under the order, restaurants selling food to go will also be allowed to sell packaged liquor the same basis.

“We are constantly evaluating ways in which we can provide services and relief to Elmhurst residents and business owners during this difficult time,” Morley said in a statement.

City Hall remains closed to the public. City personnel can be reached online at Elmhurst.org, by email or by phone at (630) 530-3000. More information from Elmhurst on COVID-19 can be found on the city’s website, Elmhurst.org.

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