Garry Moore visits the Salvation Army Child Care Center to honor Black History Month

PEORIA – Storyteller Garry Moore joined the Salvation Army Child Care Center Friday night bringing children together to honor Black History Month.

Moore is a frequent guest of Peoria area schools and community centers. He uses this invitation to weave stories and play music for children in attendance.

“Tonight were at the salvation army childcare center dowtown and Garry Moore is down here sharing African history and drumming.  It’s pretty fun.  I got to participate a little more than I expected but having kids myself I’m pretty used to being on the floor myself,” said Captain Jason Bigelow of the Salvation Army.

“Children here are young this is like birth to three.  You don’t want to lay on heavy concepts with kids like that.  If they take away anything today it’s to believe in yourself, to have confidence, to love yourself, and then to be kind to other people,” said Garry Moore.

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