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My direction is called “special preschool education”. In the USA, this is not yet a very popular specialty, everyone has to explain what it is and who, theoretically, I can work in the future. This is an inclusive education, working with preschool children with developmental disabilities and intact intelligence. Oddly enough, I came to college precisely for a theoretical basis, for an understanding of how the human brain develops and works. I chose the specialty that at least somehow resonates with psychology – if I learn to understand the structure of the brain of a child with disabilities, to understand these subtle relationships, then I will master the work with healthy people.
The first year of college is the worst. There is no specialization, but only general education subjects. Such as the ability to write a written work. Most often I use the admission essay editing service and it helps me to effectively recall the principles of writing. Reviewing what you have learned is important in this course.
In high school, it takes two years, but in college it only takes one. We are trying to cover all the material in a compressed format especially without delving into the essence of the issue. And for this, I set homework and an online proofreading service resource with which they can do this work, and then we analyze it in the audience. Yes, and to be honest, no one needs this deepening.
Sitting from call to call and going home is the most working and common way to communicate with teachers. They consider me a botanist there.I am always too busy because I often click now to develop effectively, I am involved in a huge number of projects, according to my classmates. They ask why I do this, is there really nothing to do at all: there are always TV shows and a favorite bed at hand.
In my understanding, life consists in movement, a huge number of deeds, plans. Arranging brainstorms for yourself, trying to realize everything that was conceived – this is the life that I dream about so much. In such conditions, where you are not understood and supported, it is very difficult to move on.I use all my energy just to survive. Do not let yourself be offended and defend the right to be yourself – what I did the whole first semester
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