An Ally to Help with Compliance

Childcare providers are under constant risk of losing reputation, licenses, or subsidies in the blink of an eye, if not prepared and defended against adverse incidents. Incidents will:

  • Disrupt student education,
  • Inflame parents,
  • Result in the legal shutdown of the facility, and
  • Lead to civil and criminal judgments against facility employees.

So what of the educator or administrator with no legal background who faces obscure laws and government policies which make compliance difficult?

In point of fact, Childcare Compliance delivers a jaw-dropping new awareness and near immediate observable improvements in the application of compliance best practices among providers. Our presenters give insightful real world examples that uniquely bring home the importance of constant vigilance in maintaining best compliance practices in the three areas that are inescapable in the childcare industry: law, education and business.

“Childcare Compliance has provided professional development to our staff for about 5 years. She is the only trainer who has delivered measurable results in the area of care and supervision. We have observed her engage our staff in a way that has brought significant impact. She speaks to them in a way they understand and they respond to her teaching style. Her teaching methods, approach and use of current events and multimedia, captures the participant’s attention and leaves a lasting impression.”

-Head Start Executive Director

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