Mom Discloses The Cruelty And Torture Of A Child Care On Her Daughter

In a horrifying case, a mother has come out in public and has claimed that a daycare center has used a powerful household cleaning product on her baby’s skin.

She further said that the employees lied to her about the injuries which had made this issue even more tensed.

Marie Deckenback said that her child’s skin could be permanently discolored after the insensitive incident that occurred with her child.


She said “It was swollen, raised, hot and worst of all she was in pain,”

She further said that the staff told her the baby was accidentally brushed with a permanent marker and the rashes on the skin were a result of their continuous efforts of removing the marker’s color with soap and water.

The baby’s doctor quickly reported the matter to the Child Protective Services. “They had diagnosed her with a chemical burn, leaving the laceration and the second-degree burn on my daughter,” Deckenback said.

When the investigation was carried forward on the daycare Centre, the story took a completely new turn.

It found out that instead of washing the child’s back from soap and water, a product called Maggie eraser was used on the child’s back which is considered as abrasive household cleaning pad with micro scrubbers like sandpaper.

Mother said that a witness reported that it was the Director of that Center herself who suggested the chemical.

Deckenback said, “It is a cleaning product. It is not meant to be used on human skin, let alone a child, so it is incredibly upsetting for me to know that someone did not use common sense and was not honest about it, either.”

The director of the center declined to all the accusations and said that the Center is a very safe place and she has been running this daycare for eight years and has trained her staff by the best.

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