Survey finds 1-in-10 child care facilities using dangerous sleepers recalled months ago

Another manufacturer is pulling popular infant sleepers off the market over concerns about infant deaths. This comes 4 months after millions of similar Fisher-Price and Kids II rocking sleepers were recalled as part of a nationwide investigation.

But a new survey released today reveals that recall alerts are falling short. For everyone who got the warning about infant sleeper problem, many others still have no idea — including many child care facilities.

The initial nationwide alerts about inclined infant sleepers were first sounded back in April, after reports linked them to babies suffocating. Dozens of babies have died. The Consumer Product Safety Commission website urges everyone to stop using recalled inclined sleepers.

Adam Garber says he was shocked to recently discover that his child’s daycare was still using one of the sleepers that was recalled in April.

“My first reaction was shock and concern,” said Garber, Consumer Watchdog for U.S. Public Interest Research Group.

Garber says when he informed the child care operators about the recall, they were very appreciative.

“They want to keep kids safe, but don’t have all the tools. The providers are really prioritizing keeping all of our kids safe, but hadn’t heard about the recall,” said Garber.

After the discovery, Garber and his PIRG Consumer Watchdog team decided to launch a survey. Of the 376 child care facilities that responded, one-in-10 were still using the dangerous sleepers, because they didn’t know of the concern.

“I think what’s notable about the survey is it indicates even when we’ve recalled products like this, they often stay in use,” Garber said.

Garber says since retailers are easily able to give us unsolicited alerts based on our online searches and purchases, they should be able to use that same technology to alert us automatically about important product defects and recalls.

For now it’s simply up to you to pay attention to the news, or check recall websites like and CPSC on a regular basis.

The latest recall of inclined infant sleepers was announced by the Dorel Juvenile Group USA for sleepers sold under the Eddie Bauer and Disney brands.

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