Local schools working to prevent flu from spreading

The flu has killed 13 children this season and one of those deaths was in Illinois.

Little Flower Catholic School is home to students from preschool, age three, to eighth grade. As many parents know, younger kids are always touching everything and spreading germs, especially in a classroom setting.

While Little Flower has not experienced any flu outbreaks this season, the child flu-related deaths push the school to use the best preventative practices.

“Child safety is always paramount importance to me and to my staff,” Little Flower Principal William Moredock said. “We love children and hate to see when anything bad happens to any child. We’re super conscious about keeping things clean and keeping things disinfected so that we don’t start up any flu epidemic.”

Preventative practices are even taught to their preschoolers.

“Our first line of defense is teaching kids how to take care of themselves – making sure they wash their hands after they’ve used the restroom, sneezing into their elbow, and if they’re sick… staying home,” Little Flower Preschool Teacher Erin Sanchez said.

Reports show this flu season isn’t as bad as last year’s, but that might be due to the late start this flu season has had.

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