“This is abhorrent”: parent gives state photo of child being restrained, demands investigation into Spokane childcare facility

SPOKANE, Wash. – We have confirmed that Washington State’s Department of Children, Youth and Families is investigating a north Spokane childcare facility, Trinity Catholic School and Educare.

The investigation launched within 48 hours of a parent at the childcare facility sending us a picture showing one Trinity Educare’s employees with her legs across the back and neck of a child. The concerned parent, who requested we not reveal his identity, says he was told that they needed to do this because the child “refused to nap.” In his email to us, the parent described the practice as “abhorrent,” adding that “this must be brought to light.”

KHQ spoke with officials at DCYF about this picture, the investigation into Trinity Educare and the state’s restraint policies. They could only confirm that the investigation was ongoing, and would not say whether it was related to the picture.

KHQ has also been provided texts and emails from employees and past employees of the childcare facility that reference the picture and the overall investigation. The principal of Trinity Catholic School and Educare told us they have no comment at this time.

We are actively working to gather more information on this story, and any new information will be posted as it comes into the newsroom.

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