Man claims daughter with Down syndrome was raped at adult day care center

SAN ANTONIO – The father of a woman who has Down syndrome says someone at a South Side adult daycare facility violently sexually assaulted his daughter.

The father, who KSAT is not identifying due to the nature of the case, said the home care provider who picks up his daughter from the adult daycare center alerted him to an issue after bathing her last Thursday.

The father said even though his daughter can’t talk, there were obvious signs of sexual abuse.

“(The provider) called me and said, ‘Hey, there’s something wrong with (your daughter). She’s not acting the same,’” the father said.

The father said his daughter was constantly moaning. He said the provider also noticed severe bruising and ripping in his daughter’s breast area and bleeding in her genital area.

The man’s daughter was taken to the hospital and police were notified.

“As the doctor was checking (my daughter), he said, ‘She’s been molested.’ So between the daycare center and here, that’s the only place she went,” the father said.

A KSAT crew went to the South Side adult daycare — which we are not naming the facility since no charges have been filed — with the police report and questions.

While staff members acknowledged the man’s daughter is a client, they denied any wrongdoing.

The father said he isn’t sure who carried out the alleged abuse, but he said he is convinced it happened at the adult daycare facility.

“Somebody did (it). I don’t know if it was the women or one of the students there, but somebody did. I wish I knew who it was, but I don’t,” the father said.

He said he will not ever take his daughter back to the adult daycare center.

San Antonio police said the Special Victims Unit is investigating the case.

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