Local companies propose $4 million project for nonprofit facility, childcare center in Frayser

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A new multimillion-dollar nonprofit facility and childcare center could be built in Frayser.

Porter Leath wants to build a center off Baskin Street while the nonprofit Girls Inc. plans on building a $4 million facility.

The child care center would hold about 250 kids on Baskin Street between Dellwood Avenue on the north and Whitney Avenue on the south.

It would be located diagonally across the street from the Whitney Achievement School District. The center would take care of babies and children up to five years old.

Girls Inc. would expand its farm and include three buildings underneath a roof on its property like a barn.

People who live in Frayser think it will be a great idea for the community.

“Learning activities for the future so that the students will have a better future,” said resident William Bruce.

The $4 million proposal from Girls Inc. would be located at Baskin Street and Dellwood Avenue, expanding its farmland from two to six acres.

It also plans on building a barn with three buildings inside.

“It will keep them more busy than getting in trouble and keep them more focused on an active trade,” said Bruce.

The nonprofit teaches 5 to 18-year-olds how to grow and prepare food while developing the skills to become entrepreneurs.

Girls Inc. wants to include a celebration lawn with a stage and a farm stand for people to buy fresh produce.

The new facility would be named the Patricia C. Howard campus after a former leader at Girls Inc.

Both of the proposals will go before the Land Use Control Board on September 12.

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