How to prepare your child for kindergarten

Sending your child to kindergarten can be a bit of a shock for them since they might have never been to school before.

We found out some of the best ways to make this transition as easy as possible for you and your child.

One of the best things Maria Sigle is doing to get her child ready for kindergarten is getting her into a routine.

“All kids kind of slip in the summer and they stay up later and sleep in later, so I think, now a week before school, is perfect timing to get those bedtimes back to normal,” said Springfield parent Maria Sigle.

It’s also important to begin encouraging your child to do things for themselves.

“Sometimes as parents, we do things for our kids because it’s easier. Like putting their coat on, putting their shoes and socks on, but it’s important that your little person can manage him or herself,” said Lara Boland, a kindergarten teacher.

Parents also should be aware of the emotional toll going into kindergarten can have on kids, since it could be their first time away from parents.

“if your child has a hard time leaving you, you can give them something in their backpack as a reminder – a picture of mom or dad,” Boland said.

You can also reassure your child that it’s ok for them to be nervous on their first day.

“It’s fun, it’s cool. You don’t really have to be scared about it,” Third-grader Johnny Sigle said.

We also learned that one of the simplest things you can do is make sure your child wakes up early enough to have a good breakfast before school.

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