Work continues to connect families to daycare

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) – The Child Care Resource Network in Buffalo has been busy assisting families with daycare needs during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are trying to identify the child care providers that are open and have slots,” Kim Suminski, the Chief Executive Director at CCRN, said. “We are working really hard with the county to identify those essential, frontline workers who need child care.”

Specifically, the Child Care Resource Network has created a survey on its website for parents and for providers. Those surveys will help the organization locate the appropriate provider and match them with essential frontline workers.

But finding the perfect match isn’t easy. Suminski said that while there are some slots available, the connection may not be practical.

“Some (child care providers that have availability) may be forced to close which is unfortunate but very understandable,” Suminski said.

Child Care Resource Network is running with a full staff, though Suminski said they are asking people interested in volunteering to reach out to them at 877-6666. Suminski said there is not an immediate need for volunteers, though anyone interested will be compiled onto a list.

The group is also delivering mini-grants to providers in need of essential supplies such as diapers and wipes. Providers can apply for those grants through their website.

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