Teachers Spread Positivity to Students During Coronavirus Shutdowns

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are in need of a little positivity. Pine Bush Elementary teachers hit the road in Guilderland on Tuesday to spread love and comfort to their students.

“We’re used to spending six hours a day together. We have a very strong community. We have very strong relationships built up,” said Deb Martiniano, a teacher at Pine Bush Elementary.

Teachers were putting the pedal to the pavement to spread some love to their students. Martiniano was in tears while talking about being separated from her kindergarten students.

“I’m looking forward to seeing their sweet little faces. I miss them a lot,” said Martiniano.

It’s been more than a week since Pine Bush Elementary closed its doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Chris Senita said it’s a first in the district.

“These are unprecedented times, as we know. But what we’re trying our best to do is put a positive spin on something that can be pretty daunting,” added Senita.

Since then, students have only seen their teachers through a computer screen until Tuesday.

“I’m not surprised how many people jumped up and said ‘yes, I want to be a part of this,’ ” Martiniano said.

About 40 cars were all decked out in Pine Bush colors. Many of them were decorated with signs, words of encouragement, and some even going all out with balloons and decorations.

“We’re here for them, we care about them; we want to let them know we’re healthy, we’re safe,” said Senita.

Students lined the streets waiting to see their teachers.

“I want her to know that I miss her a lot,” said third-grader Kaiden Ramey.

Students were waving hello to the familiar faces they know and trust. Joshua Green was outside his family home holding a homemade sign with his sister.

“It was pretty amazing because we just haven’t seen them in a long time,” said Green, a fourth-grader at the school.

While the parade was a gift for the students, it was just as meaningful for the teachers.

“I hope they remember this for a long, long time. Not necessarily the being home and the homeschooling and things like that, but that their teachers came out when they needed us,” says Martiniano.

Guilderland Elementary teachers will continue this idea with a parade on Thursday.

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