‘My students still need me’: Kindergarten teacher pays each kid a visit

A kindergarten teacher who’s worked in education for 20 years is having a strange end to her career.

“I thought, ‘Is this really happening?’ Jean Witt told “Good Morning America of her reaction to her school’s being temporarily closed. “I wondered what my sweet friends would think about not seeing their teacher and their friends.”

So when she was allowed access to her classroom, “I grabbed books, crayons, scissors, math manipulatives, etc. and decided I would deliver it all.”

And deliver she did. Not just educational supplies, but air hugs and blown kisses to every student’s door.

“Their little lives have suddenly and drastically changed,” Witt said. “We may not have a chance to be together again this school year! I wanted to see my precious students and tell them how much I love them.”

She contacted each family ahead of time to let them know of her plan and then sent a video just before heading to each home. Her daughter, Nicole, caught the precious interactions on a video that was then shared with the families so the kids could see one another.

Witt, who teaches at Aspen Creek School in Broomfield, Colorado, told “GMA” she misses her classroom and the little voices that fill it.

“I worry about my students feeling lonely without their friends,” she said. “My students’ families will keep the learning going, and I will too through online learning. But, that’s not what’s best for my kids. They need our classroom community and their daily school routine. Suddenly losing a teacher is a loss.”

Especially when that teacher is someone like Jean Witt.

“My students still need me,” she told “GMA.” “When school was in session, I was with them seven hours per day. I laughed with them, listened to them, dried their tears, bandaged their boo-boos, and told them that I loved them. And, I taught them. My students love to learn. I had to see my precious friends, they need to know that I still love them.”

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