Local families say stimulus checks will help them stay afloat

Soon millions of Americans will receive a stimulus check from the government.

For many families, it can’t come soon enough.

Ashley Williams works at a daycare, but it’s closed for now. She says her family is down to one income.

“How long are we going to be in this situation because everything’s kinda crazy right now,” Williams said.

She says the stimulus check will help fill the gaps and cover rent and utilities.

“It’ll help me a lot especially with catching up on bills and stuff and making sure my daughter has whatever she needs,” she said.

Williams isn’t the only one looking forward to the money.

Dana Gonzalez receives a disability check once a month.

“A lot of people need help,” Gonzalez said.

She says since her children are home from school the grocery bill has increased.

“Kids being at home they eat twice as much,” she said.

Meanwhile, she still has to buy necessities.

“Medication because normally I pay out of pocket for medication,” Gonzalez said.

Business owners who had to close their doors like Gini Mohammad say she’s thankful her employees will get the extra money.

“Most of them they don’t know when they’re going to go back to work so definitely that’s a big help,” Mohammad said.

$1200 will be sent to adults who make less than $75,000 a year and they’ll get $500 for each qualifying child.

You don’t have to apply for anything to get the payment. It’s based on your IRS information.

Those payments are expected to go out within the next three weeks.

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