Company Lets Mom Take Infant To Work

An 8-month-old baby is going to work.

He just completed his first week on the job, but don’t be alarmed. Little Joshua goes to work with his mom.

And he doesn’t actually do any work.

He just hangs out in his her desk

The company where Jessica Robinson works is allowing her to bring him to work with her.

Jessica took her six-week maternity leave but had to get back to work.

She needed the paycheck and her employer needed her.

So the owner of the company told her she could then bring the baby to work.

She didn’t believe at first, but it was a serious offer.

Jessica calls it the best of both worlds, not having to choose.

She “comfort keepers” which helps take care of seniors in their home.

The owner said since they’re a family business, it was only natural to take care of the families who work for them, too.

Many employees say the move gave a boost to morale company-wide.

The plan is to have her baby in the office for a month, then re-evaluate if she needs more time.

The company is now looking to partner with the daycare next door to get employee discounts.

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