Daycare worker arrested after baby goes home with broken bones

 – Police are investigating a daycare worker in McKinney who allegedly injured several babies.

The mother of one 2-month-old boy said he now has several fractured bones.

McKinney police confirmed Jessica Joy Wiese was arrested Monday and booked into the Collin County jail for injury to a child. She was a daycare worker at Joyous Montessori on Bountiful Grove Drive.

Police believe Wiese was responsible for an infant’s broken bones. They are still looking into reports of injuries to at least two additional children under a year old.

It all started last Tuesday evening when Ariel Murphy noticed a severe bruise on Kairo, her 2-month-old son. When she and her husband, Donovan Grant, went to the Joyous Montessori school the next morning to ask about the bruise, they were told something strange.

“A birthmark that just appeared and the parents had never seen. And then it ended up being a rough diaper change is the story they were going with,” Murphy said. “And I didn’t buy it, so I immediately took him to the doctor. I’m like, no way.”

The story prompted Murphy to take Kairo to the emergency room, where she was told he had four fractured ribs, both of his ankles fractured and a fractured femur.

Kairo had 11 fractured bones and a 12th injury to his wrist that doctors told her appeared to be a healing fracture. McKinney police began investigating the Montessori School. Murphy says they recovered surveillance video showing Kairo being abused. Investigators showed it to Grant.

“I don’t want to say anything until it’s released, but it’s very graphic footage,” Grant said. “And as per the injuries, you can pretty much imagine what’s on the footage.”

McKinney police acknowledge they are investigating injuries to two other infants — allegedly at the hands of Wiese — but they are not saying how they discovered those cases.

Ciara Bogle has three children who attend Joyous Montessori, including an infant son who she says has been in Wiese’s care. She says she spoke with Child Protective Services on Tuesday.

“I had to set up an appointment with Children’s. He has a CT scan and a full body bone scan that he has to go to tomorrow,” she said.

“It is very unfortunate.  She has been removed from her job and she will not be coming back,” Joyous Montessori said in a statement to FOX 4. “We are cooperating with authorities.”

“It’s devastating,” Murphy said. “It’s like you want to protect your kids so much. And then when you think you’re doing it or you have a school facility, a Montessori school that you trust. I don’t have any words.”

“No one could imagine hurting a 2-month-old,” Grant said.

According to the Texas Health and Human Services Department, Joyous Montessori of McKinney has had no violations in the past three years of inspections.

“We believe there may be additional victims and ask anyone who had a child at Joyous Montessori to contact our investigators at (972) 547-2710 if they have any concerns,” police said.

The daycare said Wiese is no longer an employee.

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