Struggle is real: Cute photo of kindergarten student doing homework goes viral

Cebu City, Philippines— If you think you’re having a difficult time with your high school or college school work, think again.

A photo now trending online shows that the struggle can start early. As early as kindergarten.

A netizen from Cebu City, VG Gador, 21, shared a picture of her 4-year-old younger brother Saimon online that depicts the struggles of a young kindergarten student.

In the photo post she shared last June 5, 2019, Saimon is seen crying while doing his homework. Gador captioned the post: “‘Mas lisod ang college kaysas SHS’ Kinder one:” (College is more difficult than senior high school. Kinder One:)

The post tickled a lot of netizens. VG’s post has garnered 399 comments, 3,600 reactions and was shared 15,000 times as of July 10, 2019.

According to VG, she always shares cute photos of her brother, but this one is by far the most talked-about.

Apparently, his homework wasn’t even that tough.

“His assignment was to simply write his name. He hates writing, but he’s good in reading,” VG shared with CDN Digital.

VG said it is always an uphill climb for his brother to study. But he still gets the job done at school.

Gahi kaayo pa studyhon kay naa man jud siya own way para makat on. If sagdaan siya di sya pugson mag study, kay mu start rana syag suwat2x ug iya. Always sad sya nay stars gikan school,” she said.

(It’s really hard for us to study with him because he has his own way to learn. If we just let him be, he will just start studying by himself and then he starts writing on his own. He always gets stars in school, too.)

Good job kiddo! /bmjo

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