Parents scramble as rare drop-in child care center closes in Fort Collins

Finding child care in Fort Collins is a delicate dance Staci Nouri knows well.

The 33-year-old mother of two works as an adjunct math professor at Front Range Community College. Her ever-evolving class schedule can be flexible, sure.

“But it also means that my hours are not normal hours, so it’s hard to find regular day care,” Nouri said.

Nouri’s husband works full time and, while the couple needs affordable child care for their work days, they also wanted a licensed center adaptable enough to cover some date nights.

The family’s varied needs were met about 15 months ago, when they found Fort Collins’ Funshine Early Learning Center — a child care center at 2700 S. College Ave. that offers a rare mix of drop-in care, late hours and affordability.

But after 12 years in Fort Collins, the sun is setting on Funshine.

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