Letter: Funding cut hurts child care

Today, hundreds of kids in Allen County were dropped off for child care as their parents headed off to work or school. As a family child-care provider, I see firsthand how hard families work to ensure their children have a bright future.

When parents have access to quality child care, they feel confident their kids are not only safe, but that they are in a nurturing environment that promotes healthy early development. Allen County has made great strides toward ensuring that high level of quality care with nearly all of our publicly funded providers rated in Ohio’s Step Up to Quality star rating system (compared to only about 60% statewide).

But proposed cuts in child care reimbursement rates in Allen County and 12 others would make it nearly impossible for those levels of quality to continue. If the state reduces rates, providers will be forced to scale back on educational resources, investments in continuing education, and more — at the expense of the growth and development of the young children we care for and love so much.

Whether you’re in Montgomery County or Allen County, program expenses to meet state standards such as qualified staff, curriculum, or cribs cost the same — so why are providers in some counties expected to provide the same service for less?

As a family child care provider, I want to provide the best for my kids and have invested every penny that I receive into improving the quality care and early learning that my program offers. I ask the legislature to ensure that Allen County and others are held harmless in the rate changes proposed by the administration.

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