Childcare centers offer continued education during coronavirus pandemic

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Schools may be closed due to the coronavirus pandemic but across the Upper Peninsula, many childcare centers remain open.

These include center-based care and home-based care providers.

“Providers in the region have really stepped up. Those that are open are providing care for that essential personnel population,” said Director of the Great Start to Quality – U.P. Resource Center, Deb Dupras.

Dupras says these providers have had to change the way they operate due to the pandemic.

“They’ve had to up their health checks when children are coming in, and you know, just the whole disinfecting and sanitizing,” said Dupras, adding that these providers are the unsung heroes of the pandemic. “I think that we forget that they, too, are on that front line. They are caring for the children of parents that are on the front line. Essentially they, too, are on the front line.”

Dupras adds that the community has shown a lot of support for these providers, with some people donating protective equipment and cleaning supplies.

Because of the risk they take by caring for these children every day, Dupras says it’s important to keep these workers in mind.

“I just think that it’s important that we acknowledge the sacrifices that those not only family providers, but centers, are in the midst of right now,” Dupras said.

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