Sioux Falls Daycare Worker Charged, Child Cut Across Face

A daycare worker has been charged after she admitted to using force on a child with her knee, resulting in a deep laceration that went across the child’s forehead, eye and cheekbone.

The story changed over time as police questioned 26-year-old Alysha Marie Lewis, according to court documents.  Initially, Lewis said it was another child who was involved in causing the incident.  She later admitted she had used her knee to impact the child where she described her behavior in terms of being “not herself at the moment”.

Staff members who were also questioned said they had witnessed Lewis raising her voice at children, and interacting in a way described as roughhousing the children.

According to the website for HIS Ark Christian Child Development Center, it is both a childcare and preschool that cares for children ranging in age from infants to 12 years old. It is located inside a church in the 5500 block of West 26th Street in Sioux Falls.

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