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MD, CM, McGill University Faculty of Medicine (Canada), 1983


Family Medicine, Dalhousie Medical School Affiliated Health Care Centers (Canada), 1984-1985
Anesthesia, Dalhousie University Medical Schools Affiliated Health Care Centers (Canada), 1991


Cardiac Anesthesia, Duke University Medical Center, 1994-1996

Other Training

Fellow, American Society of Echocardiography

Clinical Interests
General and cardiothoracic anesthesiology
Research Interests
My research interests are in the area of Cardiothoracic Anesthesiology. The main focus of my research is towards the understanding and prevention of acute kidney injury after cardiac and other major surgeries. Secondary interests include the study of analgesic strategies after cardiothoracic surgical procedures, performance of clinical trials, and perioperative transfusion and hemostasis.
Industry Relationships and Collaborations (What’s this?)
This faculty member (or a member of their immediate family) has a working relationship (i.e. consulting, research, and/or educational services) with the companies listed below. These relations have been reported to the HealthlineRX and, when appropriate, management plans are in place to address potential conflicts.

Opsona Therapeutics

Representative Publications
Shaw AD, Stafford-Smith M, White WD, Phillips-Bute B, Swaminathan M, Milano C, Welsby IJ, Aronson S, Mathew JP, Peterson ED, Newman MF. The effect of aprotinin on outcome after coronary-artery bypass grafting.  N Engl J Med.  2008 Feb 21;358(8):784-93. (2008) Abstract

Stafford-Smith M, Patel UD, Phillips-Bute BG, Shaw AD, Swaminathan M. Acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease after cardiac surgery.  Adv Chronic Kidney Dis.  2008 Jul;15(3):257-77. (2008) Abstract

Swaminathan M, Shaw AD, Phillips-Bute BG, McGugan-Clark PL, Archer LE, Talbert S, Milano CA, Patel UD, Stafford-Smith M. Trends in acute renal failure associated with coronary artery bypass graft surgery in the United States.  Crit Care Med.  2007;35:2286-91. (2007) Abstract

Stafford-Smith M, Lefrak EA, Qazi AG, Welsby IJ, Barber L, Hoeft A, Dorenbaum A, Mathias J, Rochon JJ, Newman MF, . Efficacy and safety of heparinase I versus protamine in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting with and without cardiopulmonary bypass. Anesthesiology. 2005 Aug;103(2):229-40. (2005) Abstract

Stafford-Smith M, Podgoreanu M, Swaminathan M, Phillips-Bute B, Mathew JP, Hauser EH, Winn MP, Milano C, Nielsen DM, Smith M, Morris R, Newman MF, Schwinn DA, . Association of genetic polymorphisms with risk of renal injury after coronary bypass graft surgery. Am J Kidney Dis. 2005 Mar;45(3):519-30. (2005) Abstract

Welsby IJ, Newman MF, Phillips-Bute B, Messier RH, Kakkis ED, Stafford-Smith M. Hemodynamic changes after protamine administration: association with mortality after coronary artery bypass surgery. Anesthesiology. 2005 Feb;102(2):308-14. (2005) Abstract

Welsby IJ, Podgoreanu MV, Phillips-Bute B, Mathew JP, Smith PK, Newman MF, Schwinn DA, Stafford-Smith M, . Genetic factors contribute to bleeding after cardiac surgery. J Thromb Haemost. 2005 Jun;3(6):1206-12. (2005) Abstract


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