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So far, although Wu Feng and the two fat people all know that Li Wei goes to the market every Sunday to sell the first flower, they don’t know that this thing is very profitable, and others can’t imagine that this child’s thing can make money. And raw materials are not sold in the market, Li Wei can still be in a monopoly position in a short period of time. The days passed day by day, and soon came the day of the performance of literature and art. In the morning, the students still have classes normally. At noon, Li Wei went home to eat something simply, and then changed into a new skirt, small white socks, small red shoes. Then he hurried to school with the piano on his back, and Mr. Kong seemed to have to make up for everyone. Look at Li Lin on one side with green light in her eyes. The show was a success. A total of seven primary schools in the town, each primary school selected an average of four or five programs, Li Wei with less than half a bottle of Erhu performance level, actually won a first prize, won a certificate of merit, no prize money. Li Wei knew in her heart that it was not her performance that was good. In fact, there were more than 30 programs, besides singing and dancing. Of course, there were several poetry recitations and two boys performing cross talk. Her performance of this instrument is the most technical. Of course, except for the accompanying music teachers sent by each school. So, it was a glorious thing to win the prize,Marble Projects, but she couldn’t get excited. When Li Wei came home from school in the evening, Li Lin took the lead and ran into her yard. Without putting down her schoolbag, she rushed into her mother’s production workshop and roared: “Mom, buy me an erhu, buy me an erhu, I want to play the erhu!” Her mother made a stupefied, the heart is how this is, come back at noon is still good,Stone Honeycomb Panel, how to come back in the afternoon suddenly changed sex, she is not like to learn erhu? So Cheng Min acted as a child and waved Li Lin away: “Go, do your homework, don’t get in the way here.”. If you want to learn the erhu, go to your sister and buy an erhu. It’s not enough for you two to play! Get out. Get out. Li Lin’s application was mercilessly rejected by her mother, unhappy out of the steamed bun workshop, it seems that she had to find her sister to learn erhu, she did not have her sister’s two down son, her mother did not buy to buy their own, she is a lack of money and courage ah. However, if she learns well, she can also wear her sister’s beautiful skirt to the show, and she doesn’t mind begging her sister. Li Lin absentmindedly finished her homework, while others practiced martial arts and the piano. Li Lin took a glass of water from a table with a big water bottle and a dozen cups on one side. With a flattering smile on her face, she put the cup at her sister’s hand: “Sister, take a break. Sister, Calacatta Quartz Slab ,Artificial Marble Slabs, can you teach me?” Some people are born with some things that they don’t need to be taught, but they can do it instinctively, such as sucking the breast, and then they can flatter the horse. Li Wei took one look at Li Lin and felt that it was not appropriate to always hang her with Joe. The heat was almost the same. Don’t get the opposite result. She was really a little bored with the erhu. She took a sip of the cup and said, “Do you really want to learn?” Li Lin nodded like a chicken pecking rice: “Really, really, I must work hard to learn, if I am not serious, you, you hit me, I will not complain!” ” It seems that she also knows that she likes to snitch. Li Wei looks like a serious consideration: “Well.”. Let me see. Well, if you really want to learn, write a pledge. Write down how you plan to keep learning to the end, and then express your determination. If the guarantee is written and I see that you really want to learn the erhu, I will give you this erhu. Besides, did you see the skirt I wore when I was on the show today? That skirt is also for you. What do you think? Buy potatoes to send sweet potatoes, Li Lin was overjoyed, jumped up and took out a field from the schoolbag, but before writing or to make sure: “Sister you mean what you say, don’t go back on your word!” “Count, count, you write, write.”. Your sister and I can’t go back on our words. Write quickly and write neatly. Li Wei is very happy, Wahaha, this erhu is finally going to make a move. Li Lin is not ambiguous, for the sake of that beautiful skirt, she went all out. With an unprecedented speed of writing, it took less than five minutes to finish a guarantee, or more appropriately, a resolution. Li Wei took over and almost laughed when she saw the first two lines. The specific content was as follows: I must practice playing erhu after school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Write until Sunday, the whole running account. Li Wei felt it necessary to practice writing a composition for them. Skipping seven days a week to practice playing the erhu after school, I finally made a very realistic determination: If I don’t play the erhu, I don’t want that skirt. Sweat! What a great determination. Li Wei is a little touched, little sister, you are very thoughtful ah, really if you do not play the erhu, your sacrifice is simply earth-shaking ghosts and gods ah. Finally, Li Wei asked Li Lin to add a note on the back of the guarantee: If I learn to be lazy and don’t learn, I will let my sister punish me casually. If I complain, I will never have a beautiful skirt to wear. Determined by: Li Lin Signature Guarantor: Signature of Mother Supervisor: Grandpa’s signature Month, day, year XXXX But books have to be what they like. Mother Cheng Min looked at the moths made by her daughters, and with a wave of her ballpoint pen, she signed her name and continued to work. The old man looked at the written evidence that the granddaughters had made for a long time and smashed it in his mouth: “Grandpa, can you press a handprint?” Handover procedures completed, Li Wei did not say a word, erhu, skirt like a lot of land to Li Lin. Li Linle can’t close her mouth. Look at this and that,white marble mosaic, and look at the skirt for a relatively long time. Touching the smooth cloth of the skirt, one could not hold back and quickly ran to the house to change it. When Li Lin looked in the mirror and appreciated it, she suddenly had a feeling that her sister was very happy when she gave these two things to herself. Could it be. Is there something wrong with the skirt or is it broken? Both the left and right photos are good. And don’t. Is there something wrong with the erhu or is it broken? Can’t you see anything wrong when you look up.


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