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    Original Title: Zhang Guofu: Add Brilliance to China’s Revitalization of Drilling Tools Zhang Guofu: Add Brilliance to China’s Revitalization of Drilling Tools The black-haired old man who is telling his students about his life experience vividly is Zhang Guofu, a famous rock drilling expert in China. Born in November 1936 in Yingshan, Sichuan Province, he graduated from Beijing Institute of Geology and is a famous expert in rock drilling engineering in China. This is an energetic old man, the years left marks on his face but did not reduce his enthusiasm; this is a “civil and military” scholar, who loves traditional culture, is good at calligraphy, is also interested in photography, but at the same time is a conscientious engineer. After decades of trials and hardships, I have devoted myself to the prosperity of drilling tools. In the 1950s, Zhang Guofeng was admitted to the Beijing Institute of Geology with excellent results. At that time, in the early days of the construction of the motherland, the primary task of the country was to “find out the family background”. Since he was concerned about geology, Zhang Guofeng resolutely chose to study the most difficult major of prospecting engineering at that time. At that time, there were four main directions in this major: tunneling, ventilation, support and blasting. From 1952, when the country introduced the first cemented carbide drill bit from the Soviet Union, to the end of the Cultural Revolution, when the college entrance examination was resumed and scientific research was resumed, the country’s rock drilling tools remained unchanged for decades, and the mining efficiency was particularly low. At this time,, Zhang Guofu decided on his research and direction of efforts, that is, to improve the tools for rock drilling. In the 1980s, when the construction of the Dayaoshan Tunnel on the Beijing-Guangzhou Double Line in Guangdong started, Zhang Guofu plunged into the construction site and worked for four years. During this period, stomach bleeding and a comminuted fracture of his right hand left an eternal mark on him. Zhang Guofu, who refused to admit defeat in his bones, did not retire from the construction site because of the pain. He also wrote,, “Falling rocks in Yaoshan Mountain break the phalanx, and half of the palm is bleeding like a note.”. This “persistent” scientific researcher has been closely linked with drilling tools and drilling all his life. Up to now, he has completed 18 national and provincial scientific research achievements, published more than 200 papers and published 7 monographs (translations). He has won many awards, such as the Major Contribution Award for Technological Development of the State Economic Commission, the First Prize for Scientific and Technological Achievements of the Ministry of Geology and Mineral Resources, and the Silver Award of the Chinese Invention Association. Every achievement or award represents his hardships along the way. The gifted scholar is well-versed in all aspects, and his calligraphy is also sophisticated There is no doubt that Zhang Guofu is one of the most influential leaders in the field of rock drilling in China. He not only made outstanding contributions to the study of rock drilling technology, but also had a special interest in calligraphy, photography and traditional culture. Versatile, he is also a well-known calligrapher. His calligraphy works, including writing, writing, stippling, structure, layout and so on, are unique,, brilliant, full of aesthetic feeling and inspiring. As the saying goes, the text is like the person, and the book is like the person. Zhang Guofu believes that calligraphy can cultivate sentiment, optimize moral character, benefit health, and inherit great Chinese civilization in the artistic conception of beauty. He believes that “since Confucius, Egypt, Babylon, Persia, Macedonia, including the Roman Empire, have all disappeared, but China has survived with continuous evolution.” This depends on the Chinese nation’s spirit of carrying things with great virtue and constantly striving for self-improvement. Life should be like this, life is short, but morality, articles and career are immortal. The core of virtue is dedication, and the magnificence of virtue and wisdom depends on health. Therefore, from this point of view, calligraphy is of great benefit to the promotion of Chinese civilization and the pursuit of spiritual civilization. Expand the full text Qingping enjoyed it all his life Born in the countryside, Zhang Guofu has long been accustomed to the way of life of Qingping, and the life of his youth has been preserved to this day. Get up at 6 o’clock in the morning, go to the canteen for breakfast, go back to 8 o’clock on time to start the day’s work, rest at 9 o’clock in the evening, never delay, this kind of work and rest, the old man has maintained most of his life until now. There was an old saying in Sichuan that “a basket of sweet potatoes is half a year’s grain”. Zhang Guofu, who eats sweet potato porridge almost every day, still has a strong body at the age of 84, which is inseparable from his exercise and self-discipline when he was young. Good health habits also laid a good foundation for his scientific research and teaching. Dare to dream, more dare to chase “The Chinese nation is a great nation, and once it stands up, it will not fall down again.” This is Zhang Guofu’s greatest pride in the country.
    In the course of the forum, Zhang Guofu repeatedly stressed: “Now we are closer to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation than ever before. The 21st century belongs to the underground space, and we are engaged in the industry of repairing the earth. We need to twist into a rope, adhere to creative thinking, and contribute our own strength to the development of the country.” Zhang Guofu has always had a wish, that is, to work for the health of the motherland for 70 years, but in the face of growing age, he did not worry at all, replaced by a more optimistic attitude. The old gentleman even has a great wish: to see the day when the motherland is reunified and Taiwan returns. Carry forward the Nobel Spirit, Contribute to the Conquest of Rocks for Mankind; Pursue Virtue Knowledge, health, dedication to learning, labor, creation, and add brilliance to the revitalization of China’s drilling tools. It is Zhang Guofu’s unswerving pursuit to strive for a stronger Chinese nation. He also often talked about the meaning of happiness: “Born in the flourishing age,, what is happiness?”? Hold high the banner of ideals It is my eternal happiness to strive for the cause of rock drilling all my life! “It’s not easy for a person to succeed if he can do one thing well with his heart all his life, but if he doesn’t insist on doing it, there must be a problem.” Being able to study technology for decades and constantly strive for self-improvement for decades is the true portrayal of Zhang Guofu and the epitome of tens of millions of scientific researchers! WeChat Editor | Flash a Xu Yu Jia Xu Yu WeChat Review | Wang Yan’s Small Ears Tu Tu Return to Sohu to See More Responsible