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Yashika is the name my parents chose 24 years ago. My childhood was in Indirapuram Escorts Service , my youth was in Manila and now is Indirapuram. Massage alone in Indirapuram not an easy job but I always try do for customers best service and everything awesome.


I’m waiting to devour you, I have a creative ability in bed that you will surely be surprised to see, you will know what real sex is, stop time in each orgasm and That hot moment in the sky that I promise to push thirst sex of you to the top like bloodthirsty a Dracula.


Points to note before you contact me:

1. Anyone who is too drunk or using drugs will not be considered a customer.

2. If you want sex without condom, you lost me.

3. To fully enjoy every moment of our time together, you must shower clean, groom well by Call Girls in Indirapuram, has masculine scent and have fresh breath.

4. Be respectful and always behave politely. Your kindness, generosity, and chivalry will be appreciated and rewarded.


Thanks for reading my profile and have a great day!


Indirapuram Escorts

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