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    Murong Yun held his head painfully, not only because Monica had just recaptured the Sky Group from him, but also because he was strongly jealous of my love for Monica. She’s my woman! I broke his heart again, but I softened my tone. “Why did you tell me all these secrets?” Because the myth has been shattered! For so many years, I believed in the myth of the mask of the King of Lanling, and I always thought it really existed! Hidden in a corner by your father or someone else, this mask was born to belong to me and will return to my face! But now I realize that my life is the product of a fraud, as absurd as the imaginary mask, I should not have existed in this world! Big brother, from the day I was adopted by Evergreen, I was doomed to be a tragedy. Touched by his self-analysis and repentance, I could not help but reach out to him: “In fact, our lives are all tragedies abandoned by the world!” “However, after the myth of Lanling King was shattered, the hope of supporting me to live was shattered, and I could no longer hypnotize myself, but could only accept this ruthless and cold reality.” The beautiful boy came down from the throne and gradually approached my eyes, so that I had no power to escape. When we exchanged breaths, he was leaning gently on my shoulder,radio shuttle racking, my collar wet with tears, and my hands clasped tightly around my back. Just when I was about to forget myself, I suddenly felt a hard and heavy thing in my pocket. This is a pistol. I forgot what I came here for. I’m here to kill. So, holding back my grief, I pushed him away and took out the pistol in my pocket. He saw the dark muzzle of the gun aimed at him, and then he laughed with abandon, which made my hair stand on end and my whole body tremble,, and spread all over the mysterious house, as if he could hear it on the other side of the island.. You.. You You What are you laughing at? Very good! I have guessed that you will come to me with a pistol, and you will want to kill me! Laugh to the extreme but turn into crying, tears slowly sliding down the beautiful face, “the person I love most, will eventually kill me.” “Please don’t cry any more!” My God, why am I so softhearted to be moved by his tears. The hand holding the gun kept trembling, as if there was a transparent bulletproof barrier between me and him! “Big Brother, there is another reason why I want to tell you these secrets.” He tried to suppress his sadness and wiped the tears from his face. “If I don’t say it today, I’ll never have a chance again.” “What do you mean?” I stepped back alertly, but he met my gun and took a step forward. “Did you find anything unusual on your way here?” “Yes, the sea is bubbling, the rocks on the island are burning hot, , and black smoke is coming out of the ground. What’s going on?” “Fire and Ice Island, as its name implies, is a volcanic island in the sea of ice.” This surprised me: “Volcano?”? Why didn’t I see it? “This is a huge hungry volcano, most of it is buried under the sea, only a small part of the crater is exposed, that is, the ice and fire where we are. He calmly faces my gun. Since he is sitting on the crater, what can he be afraid of?” A few months ago, there was strong evidence of volcanic activity. Recently, it has become more and more serious, and volcanic eruptions are inevitable. After returning from China this time, I scientifically calculated the time of the volcanic eruption through the most advanced instruments-at 15:19 this afternoon. “This afternoon?” I looked down at my watch. It was exactly three o’clock in the afternoon. There were only nineteen minutes left! Chapter 14 don’t be infatuated with brother, this chapter is just a dream. 15:01. Fire and Ice Island, Chamber of Secrets. Murong Yun and I sat on the crater, and in eighteen minutes, the volcano that destroyed everything would erupt.
    “Brother, the mask of the King of Lanling doesn’t exist at all, and the myth in my life has collapsed-and the woman you really love is always the same, and life is meaningless to me!”! So I decided to die on the island of fire and ice and let the hot lava in the depths of the earth bury me! Even if you shoot me now, I will never resist, only feel that death in your hands is my last and greatest happiness. The beautiful boy looked at me with a smile, but let me put down the gun feebly and shake my head: “Why do you bother to do so?” “Eldest brother, if you go now, perhaps still in time, that ship should still listen to the shore, right?”? The high temperature before the eruption will melt many icebergs nearby, the channel will be unimpeded, and you will be away from the Ice and Fire Island in ten minutes. “What about you?” I could not bear to leave him alone, but he replied decisively, “I will live or die with this island!” ” “But-” “It will be too late!” He gave me a heavy push and pushed me to the door of the secret room. “Hurry up!” Trembling, I took one last look at his beautiful face and whispered, “Without Monica, I’m afraid I’d stay with you!” Holding back tears, I rushed out of the secret room and stepped over Apache’s already stiff body. He left Murong Yun alone and rushed out of the villa, only to find that the sky was filled with black smoke and a strong smell of sulfur everywhere. Snowflakes can’t fall to the ground and evaporate in midair. The soles of his shoes were too hot to walk, so he could only take off his coat and tie it to his feet, stumbling down the cliff. Although it was a frozen sea in winter, it was as hot as the equator until it was stripped down to its underwear. He ran desperately in panic, felt the horror of nature, and found his way to the other side of the island in the poisonous smoke. It took almost no more than two minutes to get to the other side of the island of fire and ice-thank God! The ship is still in the sea. I waved desperately and shouted that the people on the boat must have seen it. Sure enough, a small boat was put down, quickly sailed to the shore of the island, the crew was so anxious that they cursed loudly: “Hurry up!”! Do you want us to bury you with you?