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Richard was badly injured, and when he struggled, he stepped into the deep water, lost his balance, and even his last cry of horror was suffocated in the splashing water! Only the hand waved helplessly on the surface of the water and sank! Then the surface of the water gushed out a large mass of dark red blood! Fang Lin finally breathed a long breath, he only felt black in front of his eyes at this time, in fact, after doing these things, he is a spent force, only rely on their own willpower to support did not fall down, insist on looking around with the help of blue minions. The rest of the place was divided into two battle groups, the butcher was full of purple and black gas, and joined hands with Shanna, who was also badly injured, to attack two other senior men, one of whom did not know, the other was a silver wolf! Another battle group is in the middle of the dense forest, simply can not see how the battle situation, only know that the crash inside even the ground is shaking slightly, the place is like a monster fighting,water bottle packaging machine, the momentum is amazing! And that terrible thunder, but has never appeared! “S-level skills are interrupted in the middle.” “Although Fang Lin panted violently, his thoughts were more Pure Brightness.” Then, in the moment of releasing the skill, I had a mental impact. Even if you are a powerful thunder, I’m afraid it’s not easy! So, the key to our survival. . It’s up to you. ! Lao Hu! [Chapter 33 Breaking Force by Force] After Lin said these words softly,liquid bottle filling machine, there was a sudden sound of breaking in the primeval rainforest, and then a figure flew out directly, panting violently on the ground for a while, and then climbed up with blood all over his face! The man who suffered losses, impressively, was Hu Huahao, who was good at strength, attacking each other, and rarely suffered losses! But at that moment, Lao Hu, whose lips had been turned over and swollen, turned his head, and Lin, who was in a mess, water bottling line ,PET bottle Mold, smiled. Somehow, seeing Lao Hu’s smile, which was uglier than crying and trying to express his comfort, Fang Lin felt a stem in his heart, and his eyes seemed to be hot as if something was going to slip down! In the dense forest, suddenly a crazy huge figure with broken branches and leaves rushed out directly! The man bent forward, the air around him seemed to be dyed into a large group of hot flames, burning around, and even the passing of the line of sight produced a strange distortion. That kind of feeling should be that he has something like “fighting spirit”, which solidifies into substance outside his body! The mouth suddenly sent out a wild roar, directly fell to the ground sliding shovel, feet in the loose wet ground ploughed out two deep gullies! This man is as famous as Inza, one of the right-hand men of the Thunder Man! Another follower-the Rock! And this move he made gave Fang Lin a sense of deja vu. Is it the unique skill of Jack Trick (white shirt man), the protagonist of the plot in the world of Dinosaur Kombat, to slide and kick close to the ground? —— It is the unique skill of the Jin clan in the KOF world: flow. Until Lao Hu was in the shovel. The huge figure suddenly flashed a harsh white light, Fang Lin then lost his voice and shouted: Lao Hu, be careful! I’m afraid this move is really serving the soul, the powerful plot character Lai Xilu skills. .” His faint cry was interrupted by the wild roar of the giant man! “Look at my Rage of Lexilu!”! Go to hell Note: Quasi S-Level Skill (A +), Rage of Laixilu. This skill is divided into three stages. In the first stage, Juhan’s sliding kick makes his opponent lose his balance and float in the air. Stage 2: Airflow uppercut, hitting the opponent high into the sky when giving him a fierce blow. Stage 3: Muscle kill, flying into the sky to grab the enemy. He fell across his shoulder at a high speed and broke his spine directly! It seemed that the stunned old Hu didn’t have time to react at all, so he was shoveled in the calf by the giant man’s sliding kick on the boulder, and the whole person snorted half a time. He had lost his balance and was thrown up by the shovel and fell directly to the ground! But the boulder’s right fist, which had been ready for a long time, gave off a fiery red glow, and it looked as if the huge fist was surrounded by a huge layer of flame gloves! He took a sharp step forward. Stand a “bow” word step, and then the right fist shout from bottom to top hit in the abdomen of Lao Hu! The strength of this punch is really no small matter! Even Fanglin in the distance saw a scorch mark on the ragged clothes at the place of Zhongquan. In the smoke, the giant fist pushed up directly, hitting Hu Huahao’s burly body nearly 20 meters high! Then the boulder crouched down deeply to accumulate strength. The ground and the earth were trampled in disorder and flying everywhere. He went straight up with a whoosh. He roared straight up to the sky, and his two strong arms pinched Lao Hu’s shoulders. If this is true, the most powerful third stage of muscle killing power is enough to kill Hu Huahao directly on the spot, who is not in a complete state at present! Old Hu’s body suddenly jumped out of a burst of green light, he was launched in the air Deacon’s brutal skills! “Your current Stamina has been deducted by 50%, and your potential points have been reduced by 1.” Your Strength and Agility are increased by 20% and your Movement Speed is increased by 25% for 20 seconds. “Equip with Skill: Deacon’s Brutality Activated!” The arms of the two men collided in an instant! On the two strong giant arms, the muscles bulging like iron collide mercilessly, and the blue blood vessels meander like small snakes. After Hu Huahao’s strength increases by 20%, it is as high as 91 points! Suddenly, in the incredible eyes of the boulder, he pressed him down directly and took his neck with his backhand! This turns out to be a super trap with a perfect disguise! In fact, as soon as Lao Hu fought with this follower, he knew that his strength attribute was at least 1 higher than his own. Find a way to live in death! A narrow escape from death is a chance to escape death! Hu Huahao shouted, in the air directly launched the S-level skills, Lan Mountain! He thought to himself that as a transferor,PET blow moulding machine, he used the authentic S-level skills derived from the plot characters, and it was impossible to fail! But the figure of the huge stone in front of him suddenly faded and disappeared, and the hint from the mark of nightmare directly made his heart sink to the bottom of the valley!.


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