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    Naturally, Xiahou will not do these chores, he sat cross-legged on the edge of the fire pit, also like an adult holding a horn cup. Only Bai rolled his strange eyes, grinned his teeth and muttered something, carried the wine jar slowly around the fire pit, and filled a cup for anyone whose horn cup was empty. The golden eagle laughed and said, “Interesting, interesting.”. It is said that spirituality is great, and it is true. Wu Jian laughed a few times: “My luck is very good, just met the new born white.”. Hey, are the Nine Snakes and the Willow Tigers really at war with each other? They are the two largest tribes on the prairie. The Golden Eagle took a sip of the wine, wiped the wine from the corners of his mouth with his sleeve, spread out his hands and said, “The whole clan is at war and will never die.”. There are thousands of strong soldiers in both tribes, and the fighting is like a river of blood. Hou’s territory is far away, no one stops them, it seems that they will continue to fight. I,Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer, the old golden eagle, am just a wandering merchant. It’s a good thing that I sell them herbs when they go to war. The sorcerer shook his head and sighed, “Two big tribes. If things go on like this, I’m afraid both tribes will decline.”. Won’t their sorcerer stop them? An old man beside the Golden Eagle shook his head: “Oh, the cause of the war is that the witch of the Nine Snake Clan killed the child of the witch of the Willow Tiger Clan.”. Although it was said to be accidental injury, it just gave their patriarch an excuse to go to war. The patriarchs and elders are going to fight,, and the two witches have formed a grudge against each other. Naturally, they will not mediate. The sorcerer’s face became very gloomy. He gently rubbed the bone stick in his hand. He said grimly, “Well, I’m afraid the two sorcerers will also be punished.”. However, before the order of the Great Witch was given, I was afraid that there would be no one left in the two tribes. The sorcerer’s tone was a little low: “Enemy tribes kill each other and plunder slaves, which is recognized by everyone.”. But if it leads to the decline of two tribes, it’s against the rules. A few old people are garrulous, Xiahou listens very is not interesting. They were just gossiping about how much the golden eagles could get in return for selling herbs to the two tribes, and how the two witches who sat back and watched the war but ignored it would be punished. The only useful information is that Xiahou found that it seems that all tribal witches come from the same organization or religious system, and there is a clear hierarchical relationship between them. But these relationships are only clear to the witches themselves, and even the well-informed merchants like the Golden Eagle can’t say why. After a while, the noise outside had stopped, and the people of the caravan had been settled. Xiahou looked at several old people who had fallen into silence and asked, “Grandpa Golden Eagle, you have traveled a lot and seen a lot of the world. So, how big is the outside world?” The sorcerer and the golden eagle looked at Xiahou in surprise at the same time. The sorcerer waved his stick and laughed: “Hehehehe, Ah Yi of the family is not yet an adult. Do you want to make a living outside the mountain?” He is very happy to smile: “Yes, for this mountain forest, home of a Yi, this mountain forest is too small to accommodate you ah.”. You have the potential to become a senior soldier. There is no room for you in this mountain forest. The golden eagle twirled his beard with a smile and put the horn cup on the ground. The outside world is very big, Ah Yi of the family. He looked fascinated and said, “You tigers are big in this mountain forest.”. Each clan adds up to thousands of strong warriors in your tiger clan. But far, far away, there are more powerful tribes. I once went to a tribe called Shen Gong, and they had tens of thousands of soldiers. A tribe of tens of thousands of warriors? Xiahou leisurely fascinated, perhaps there, he can get rid of the barbarian fate of hunting in the mountains to find a woman desperately to give birth to a doll, give birth to a doll and then go hunting to get skin, let the doll go to find a woman to give birth to the doll? “We must speed up the cultivation of the true understanding of basalt and go to the world outside the mountains and forests.” Although the old golden eagle’s words are not clear, but Xiahou’s mind, has carved a deep impression. Strengthen your own strength, and then go to the world outside the mountains.
    He thought of those beautifully forged weapons, the world outside the mountains, should be incomparably wonderful, right? It’s just that now he has to stay in the village. In the face of this wild unknown world, there are too many dangers and too many variables. Xiahou will never act rashly before he has enough strength. http://www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM Chapter 6 Cloud Dream Because the caravan of golden eagles needed a lot of herbs to make money from the war, the hunting brigade led by the tiger was called back to the village. After accepting a large number of trading goods carried by the golden eagles in advance, the heroes of the tiger clan poured liquor one after another, patted their chests and took the matter of collecting a large number of herbs on themselves. Of course, their task is to be a guide and bodyguard, and the person who really collects herbs must be a special medicine man in the Golden Eagle Caravan. Sitting on the hillside at the entrance of the village with Bai in his arms, Xiahou watched the clansmen follow the caravan in disorder and prepare to set out. Xiahou muttered, “Bai, the golden eagles are very careful.”. If my father and his family go to collect herbs, I’m afraid they’ll even collect Gelsemium elegans as a good herb. In his village, the medicine bags carried by the hunting men were also carefully prepared by the witches after being collected by Eminem. Just them? The ability to identify herbs in the wild may not be as good as Xiahou. Who says that people in the mountains must be familiar with everything in the mountains? Xiahou almost contemptuously greeted the secret service instructor of his previous life: “Look, the negative example is here.”. My father and uncle are all rough people. They can know that a roe deer has urinated ten miles away. But if you ask them to collect herbs, the whole village will be poisoned to death. White cracked his mouth, stretched out his long tongue, and licked Xiahou’s face. After making Xiahou a face of saliva, Bai excitedly grabbed the steel sword beside Xiahou and danced at random.