5 Reasons To Choose A Nanny For Your Child (& 5 Why You Should Choose Daycare)

A lot of first-time parents have quite a hard time choosing who should watch their baby. It can be quite a confusing emotional, and stressful time. Besides, it can get twice as hard for moms, since most are not emotionally prepared to return to work, and leave their little ones behind. However, they either lack or have limited maternity leave policy. So, with no paid maternity leave, a lot of parents are left without a lot of options.

Other than staying at home to watch your kids or leaving relatives to help, you’re only left with two other popular options, including enrolling your child in a daycare or getting the nanny to watch your child at home. It can be hard to settle on which one will work best for you since each of these has its pros and cons. However, the most important factors to consider include a childcare option in which you are okay with and where your little open will thrive. So, here are the reasons why to choose one over the other. This should make it easier for you to make a choice that best suits your family.

10. Daycare: Social Skills

You probably feel as if your baby isn’t ready for daycare yet. Still, what better way to expose him to the world than leaving him at a daycare facility?

It offers the advantage of socialization where your kid will learn and grow with other kids around him. Your baby will be stimulated by the rest of the kids and develop social skills through her everyday experiences at the facility.

9. Nanny: Increased Parental Control & Flexibility

A lot of parents would rather have someone inside their home where they get to watch the nanny’s moves as well as take care of their child. So, with a nanny, comes more control and flexibility. When you have a nanny at your house, you are assured of the control that you have over what your kid is exposed to, what he drinks or eats, where he visits, as well as what their schedule looks like. Also, a lot of nannies offer comprehensive reports of each day and send photos to the parents.

You decide on what time, and for how long you need a nanny. If you work later on during the day, you can look for one who will fit your schedule. Getting stuck in traffic means that your nanny will wait for you, in comparison to daycare where you will start to panic over what to do next. If this is what you’re looking for, then this should be your go-to option.

8. Daycare: Books, Toys, And Resources

Daycare comes with a lot of exposure. You’ll notice that a lot of them offer a wide selection of games, books, toys, as well as play equipment.

Daycare gives a chance for creative play by providing building blocks, dress-up outfits, educational games, as well as art supplies. Besides, other daycare facilities will bring in professionals for additional activities such as yoga or music. However, these items are normally inclusive of your monthly or yearly costs, meaning that you don’t have to pay more for the supplies.

7. Nanny: Individual Attention

While a daycare will provide your kid with all these amenities, including resources, exposure, and activities, the attention paid to him is less compared to that given to him by a nanny.

Since a nanny only takes care of up to 3 kids at a time (depending on the number of kids that you have), he or she will pay attention to the individual needs of your child. There won’t be a lot of competing for attention, or feeling overwhelmed, meaning that the nanny can solely focus on the development of your kid(s).

6. Daycare: State Accreditations And Rules

All daycare centers are required to adhere to the rules of the state in regard to space, staffing, sanitation, and safety concerns.

It is vital to ask about the facility’s most current state license and whether they have been accredited by organizations responsible for childcare. However, it would be a little more challenging to find more comprehensive information on a nanny.

5. Nanny: Attachment

The good thing about a nanny is that they offer the advantage of a primary attachment figure. When you hire a nanny, you can expect that your kid will develop a special bond with them, and depend on them to be a comforting and secure individual in their lives.

4. Daycare: A Lot Of Teachers

You can expect a lot of incredible teachers at the daycare facility with most having a lot of experience working with and taking care of kids.

Actually, some have trained in child development. So, your kid will be monitored by a group of teachers, and develop relationships with over one person.

3. Nanny: Logistics

As a working parent, it is so much easier to have a nanny over. If you forgot something at home, you could always call them.

If you need someone to come over to your house and handle any household issues, your nanny will be at home, giving them access to the house. Besides, a lot of nannies assist with light housework, they cook meals for your baby and wash their laundry. So, handling such tasks will lessen the workload you’d have handled.

2. Daycare: Cost

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, then daycare is the way to go. Compared to a nanny, daycare is way affordable since you are sharing this expense with other families. However, the price will vary depending on the type and location of the center.

An in-home daycare facility also referred to as family care, is often cheaper compared to traditional centers. However, it provides lesser benefits, including resources and fewer teachers.

1. Nanny: Consistent Care And Convenience

A lot of nannies will stay with a family from when a child is born through school age. On the other hand, turnover at a daycare facility is higher. You can expect a caregiver to leave annually or sooner, and this could be emotional for your baby.

Besides, with a nanny, there is no need to prep or pack for the day. So, no carrying packed lunch or pumped milk with you, across town.

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